Sentence Examples

  • While the Visigoths were carrying their raids up to the walls of Constantinople, bands of Ostrogoths, Taifali, Huns and Alans joined them in overrunning the Balkan countries.
  • The defence of the Danube against the Ostrogoths under Alatheus and Safrax was entrusted to the general Promotus, who severely defeated the enemy in an attempt to cross the river.
  • OSTROGOTHS, or East Goths, one of the two main branches into which the Goths were divided, the other being the Visigoths, or West Goths.
  • AMAL, the name of the noblest family among the Ostrogoths, and that from which nearly all their kings were chosen.
  • He was not himself a Goth, belonging to a confederation of Germanic tribes, embracing Alans and Scyrians, which had come under the influence of the Ostrogoths settled on the lower Danube; and his own sympathies are those of a member of this confederation.