Sentence Examples

  • Pomegranate juice not only acts upon the enzymes responsible for creating a certain form of high blood pressure, it also appears to act upon enzymes responsible for the pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis.
  • However, for children with osteoarthritis, citrus fruits and vegetables from the nightshade family, including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant, should be avoided since they can promote swelling.
  • The American Yoga Association's research program has discovered yoga relaxation exercises are beneficial for stress reduction and an overall feeling of well-being for those coping with osteoarthritis.
  • The magazine Whole Living points out that arnica's effectiveness is backed by medical research; studies suggest arnica-based treatments work as well as ibuprofen for easing the pain of osteoarthritis.
  • Because acetaminophen is largely free of side effects at therapeutic doses, it has been considered the first choice for mild pain, including that of osteoarthritis.