Sentence Examples

  • O, o, Right and left olfactory, The cerebro-pleural conganglia and osphradia re nective.
  • Two osphradia present but no hypobranchial glands nor operculum.
  • RHIPIDOGL0ssA.-Aspidobranchia with a palliovisceral anastomosis (dialyneurous); eye-vesicle closed, with crystalline lens; ctenidia, osphradia and hypobranchial glands paired or single.
  • A pair of pedal otocysts, and a pair of osphradia at the base of the gills, appear to be always present.
  • United with these ganglia on the outer sides are the osphradial ganglia, above which the epithelium is modified to form a pair of sense-organs, corresponding to the osphradia of other Molluscs.