Sentence Examples

  • It is only of recent years that the writings of Schopenhauer and the researches of many distinguished orientalists have awakened some interest in Asiatic philosophy.
  • Besides the lithographed editions of the whole work in folio (Bombay, 1853, and Teheran, 1852-1856) and a Turkish version (Constantinople, 1842), the following portions of Mirkhond's history have been published by European Orientalists: Early Kings of Persia, by D.
  • In the previous year the earl of Auckland, governor-general, had yielded to the "Orientalists" who opposed Duff, and adopted a policy which was a compromise between the two.
  • Kepler, Uber Gnosis and altbabylonische Religion, a lecture delivered at the Congress of Orientalists (Berlin, 1881); A.
  • Of the Matla`u's-Sa'dain - a choice Persian MS. work of 1495 - introduced to Orientalists in Europe by Hammer, Jahrbucher, Dorn and (notably) Quatremere.