Sentence Examples

  • 135) calls them Thyrsagetae, probably in reference to their celebration of orgiastic rites in honour of some divinity akin to the Thracian Dionysus.
  • They became orgiastic in character and scenes of drunkenness, cf.
  • 15), but the ecstatic and orgiastic dervish who was meshuggah or " frenzied," a term which was constantly applied to him from the days of Elisha to those of Jeremiah (2 Kings ix.
  • But the use of " kahin " for " priest " in the Canaanite area points to more than this: it is connected with the orgiastic character of Canaanite religion.
  • How deeply the orgiastic character was stamped on the priesthoods of north Semitic nature-worship is clear from Greek and Roman accounts, such as that of Appuleius (Metam.