Sentence Examples

  • The mean result of the best determinations shows that when a current of one ampere is passed for one second, a mass of silver is deposited equal to o ooi i 18 gramme.
  • R is bounded by the basal pinacoid c (ooi) parallel to which is the perfect cleavage, the clinopinacoid b ((D10) parallel to the plane of symmetry, and the pyramids m (221) and o (112).
  • The value of the constant / 7 ranges in different metals from about o ooI to 0.04; in soft iron and steel it is said to be generally not far from 0.002.
  • But the Benedictines, whose settlement in Hungary dates from the establishment of their monastery at Pannonhalma (c. 1 ooi), were the chief pioneers.
  • Of factors of the form I + I r n) to the construction of logarithms, and calculated a table of logarithms of factors of the form i +( ooi) r n to 24 places.