Sentence Examples

  • The show was to follow the tried and true VH1 dating show format, but the drama off screen outdid the onscreen antics when one of the contestants was accused in a real life murder case, causing VH1 to pull the show after three episodes.
  • The controversial onscreen actions paired with off-screen drama early in 2009 when Chris Engen who originated the adult role of Adam Wilson left The Young and the Restless citing unhappiness with the direction the role was taking.
  • Flannery's performance, whether it is arguing with her onscreen husband, caring for her children or manipulating a situation for her family's benefit, has allowed the character to earn empathy even when fans hated what she did.
  • Here's how the story goes: Florence Henderson made claims that while filming The Surreal Life for VH1, Christopher Knight called his onscreen mama for a little advice about his budding relationship with Adrienne Curry.
  • Musically, Williams created a romantic counterpart to the onscreen action that included a musical recognition for fans of the original trilogy, which increased the believability of Anakin and Padme's love story.