Sentence Examples

  • So whether you're a busy executive, an on-the-go mom, a die-hard shoe collector or just someone who likes the latest in shoe technology at affordable prices, Liz Claiborne is sure to have a shoe for you.
  • Hackl states, "I tend to gravitate for lightweight shoes whenever I am on-the-go and looking for something comfortable, stylish and that will be able to effortlessly let me go wherever my day takes me.
  • If you like to listen to sounds from your iPad (or any other Bluetooth enabled mobile device) on-the-go, the Urchin might quickly become one of your favorite accessories.
  • With thousands of games in their library, including hundreds of kid-safe titles available, the Game Boy makes an ideal entertainment device for almost anyone on-the-go.
  • Perfect for teens and on-the-go women, natural styles of eye makeup emphasize the natural beauty of a woman's eyes without drawing attention to the makeup itself.