Sentence Examples

  • However, I think the print media will remain somewhat arrogant to on-line writers.
  • It is frightening for all of us who occasionally indulge in on-line hyperbole.
  • While some shy children may benefit from using the anonymity and structural control features of cyberspace, the danger is that for many others virtual on-line reality may become a substitute for the reality of close human relationships.
  • Because dressy clothes are worn infrequently, it may be possible to find boys' suits, sports coats, and other dressy items in on-line auctions such as eBay, online stores such as New Kids Clothes, and in consignment stores.
  • A monthly dosage is normally given on a year round basis, although there is a lively disagreement among dog owners at some on-line sites who believe it should only be given during the high mosquito months of the year.