Sentence Examples

  • The leading earlier Cynics were Antisthenes, Diogenes of Sinope, Crates of Thebes, and Zeno; in the later Roman period, the chief names are Demetrius (the friend of Seneca), Oenomaus and Demonax.
  • Others assume it to be Myrtilus, a son of Hermes and Clytie, and charioteer to Oenomaus, who was placed in the heavens by Hermes.
  • According to one of them, the first race was that between Pelops and Oenomaus, who used to challenge the suitors of his daughter Hippodameia and then slay them.
  • On the east front were represented in twenty-one colossal figures the moment before the contest between Oenomaus and Pelops.
  • Here he maintained himself as a captain of brigands, his lieutenants being two Celts named Crixus and Oenomaus, who like himself had been gladiators.