Sentence Examples

  • Clifford considers an octonion p+wq as the quotient of two motors p+wv, p'+wo'.
  • Thus, in place of his general tri-quaternion we might deal with products of an odd number of point-plane-scalars (of form, uq+wr) which are themselves point-plane-scalars; and products of an even number which are octonions; the quotient of two point-plane-scalars would be an octonion, of two octonions an octonion, of an octonion by a point-plane-scalar or the inverse a point-plane-scalar.
  • Again a unit point p. may be regarded as by multiplication changing (a) from octonion to point-plane-scalar, (b) from point-plane-scalar to octonion, (c) from plane-scalar to linear element, (d) from linear element to plane-scalar.

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