Sentence Examples

  • Beatus Rhenanus; "summus Erasmi observator," as he is called by de Thou, describes his person thus: "In stature not tall, but not noticeably short; in figure well built and graceful; of an extremely delicate constitution, sensitive to the slightest changes of climate, food or drink.
  • Upon receiving a copy of this work, Sir Isaac Newton printed, in the Philosophical Transactions for 1725, a paper entitled " Remarks on the observations made on a Chronological Index of Sir Isaac Newton, translated into French by the observator, and published at Paris."
  • To have the tables of the heavenly bodies corrected, and the places of the fixed stars rectified "for the use of his seamen," and Flamsteed was appointed "astronomical observator" by a royal warrant dated 4th of March 1675.

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