Sentence Examples

  • Adrien's son, CHARLES DE VALOIS (1671-1747), was a distinguished numismatist, and formed a fine collection of medals, chiefly Roman.
  • JEAN JACQUES BARTHELEMY (1716-1795) French writer and numismatist, was born on the 20th of January 1716 at Cassis, in Provence.
  • JOACHIM LELEWEL (1786-1861), Polish historian, geographer and numismatist, was born at Warsaw on the 22nd of March 1786.
  • CHRISTIAN MARTIN FRAHN (1782-1851), German numismatist and historian, was born at Rostock.
  • JOHN PINKERTON (1758-1826), Scottish archaeologist, numismatist and author, was born at Edinburgh on the 17th of February 1758.