Sentence Examples

  • Other characteristic features are the use of the singular substantive after numerals, and adjectives of quantity, e.g.
  • The numerals in use were limited.
  • In the bibliography at the close of this article (referred to by leaded arabic numerals in brackets throughout these pages), the titles of works are given which contain detailed information as to the genera and species of each order or sub-order, their geographical distribution and their habits and economy so far as they have been ascertained.
  • The Arabians more closely resembled the Hindus than the Greeks in the choice of studies; their philosophers blended speculative dissertations with the more progressive study of medicine; their mathematicians neglected the subtleties of the conic sections and Diophantine analysis, and applied themselves more particularly to perfect the system of numerals, arithmetic and astronomy.
  • It is noteworthy that in this book Vincent shows a knowledge of the Arabic numerals, though he does not call them by this name.