Sentence Examples

  • Creating your own website can be a very rewarding experience, and having the ability to open up an HTML file in Notepad, and "tweak" the formatting so that the page looks exactly how you want it to, is very empowering.
  • For quick notes and phone messages, a silver notepad holder is another functional and beautiful gift.For a favor your guests can use on the go, silver key chains or luggage tags might be your choice.
  • Featuring the Silk Touch fabric that feels comfortable against the skin, it is shrink-resistant and has a front pocket to stash a pen or notepad for when you are on your way to that next meeting.
  • If a programmer is prone to common coding mistakes, such as invalid syntax, not properly closing tags or other often-seen errors, he or she must determine if Notepad is the best choice.
  • In this respect, the use of a third-party editor, as opposed to Notepad, potentially interferes with the developer's ability to learn new web standards.