Sentence Examples

  • Country Life Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Multi Complex: Juices from organic aloe vera, mangosteen and noni form the basis of this nutritious cocktail, which also includes decaffeinated green tea extract and lycopene.
  • Essential Nectar is made from 162 different plant sources, including blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, eleuthero root, garlic, ginger, noni, raspberry, red grape, saw palmetto, strawberry and yerba mate.
  • Noni Fruit: In drink form, this herb is offered as a means to speed up healing from a minor illness.
  • The noni fruit may indeed be a nutrition powerhouse, but the scientific evidence is still lacking.
  • The other and parallel branch of the party organization consists of the bodies whose function it is to nominate party candidates for elective posts, whether legislative or Pa,aty Noni.