Sentence Examples

  • It's raining enough to make Noah do a double shift.
  • He wrote Practical Sermons (1858; edited by Noah Porter); Lectures on the Moral Government of God (2 vols., 1859), and Essays and Lectures upon Select Topics in Revealed Theology (1859), all published posthumously.
  • Neither Noah, Daniel nor Job could have rescued by his righteousness any but his own soul (xiv.
  • In the Mandaean view the Old Testament saints are false prophets; such as Abraham, who arose six thousand years after NU (Noah) during the reign of the sun, Misha (Moses), in whose time the true religion was professed by the Egyptians, and Shlimun (Solomon) bar Davith, the lord of the demons.
  • At the south-east angle is the "Drunkenness of Noah," at the south-west the "Fall of Man," and at the north-west the "Judgment of Solomon."