Sentence Examples

  • Some companies, such as Gaia Herbs, voluntarily enact stringent testing protocols and ensure high quality herbal products, while other no-name brands may not be as scrupulous about their products.
  • It is important to remember that because Fendi is at the top of the high-fashion scene, its handbags are crafted far differently than the average no-name department store accessory.
  • Find a picture of one of your favorite characters in the game -- be it Master Chief, a no-name marine, or one of the alien outcasts -- and use it as your default picture.
  • While a similar scarf by a lesser known or perhaps even no-name designer may cost just a few dollars, a similar style by a big name could boast a three-figure price tag.
  • However, if you shop many of the online retailers, you'll find that apart from the designer brand section, there's also a discount no-name brand selection of frames.