Nithe definition

(obsolete) Envy; hatred.

Origin of nithe

  • From Middle English nith, nithe, from Old English nīþ (“envy, hatred, enmity, rancor, spite, ill-will, jealousy, action which arises from hatred, strife, war, hostility, the effect of hatred, persecution, trouble, vexation, annoyance, affliction, tribulation, grief, evil, wickedness, malice, an instance of wickedness or malice, enmity, attack, oppression”), from Proto-Germanic *nīþaz, *nīþą (“zeal, envy, hatred, fight”), from Proto-Indo-European *neid- (“to revile”). Cognate with Dutch nijd (“envy”), German Neid (“envy, jealousy”), Swedish regional nid (“hatred, envy”), Icelandic níð (“hatred, envy”).

    From Wiktionary