Sentence Examples

  • Cyberpunk is '40s noir films, jaded cynicism and nihilism.
  • The emo frame of mind would be a lazy form of nihilism, were it not too lazy to pick up a copy of Turgenev and make the correlation.
  • Brahmanic pantheism and Buddhistic nihilism alike teach the unreality of the seeming world, and preach mystical absorption as the highest goal; in both, the sense of the worth of human personality is lost.
  • He followed it up with a number of other works on the condition of the Russian peasantry, on Nihilism, and on the conditions of life in Russia.
  • Thus arose a struggle between the youthful, hot-headed partisans of revolutionary physical science and the zealous official guardians of political order - a struggle which has made the strange term Nihilism a familiar word not only in Russia but also in western Europe.