Sentence Examples

  • Types of sushi include Nigiri, Sashimi, Traditional Japanese Maki and Temaki hand-rolled sushi.
  • For those who can't get enough sushi, there is an all-you-can-eat sushi bar complete with Nigiri sushi, Tamaki sushi, and Maki sushi.
  • The menu includes standard Nigiri offerings, with limited Maki options.
  • Hiro's Specials consist of: Nigiri Sushi, which is a two-piece dinner of the freshest sushi, Salads, Sashimi, which is raw fish, and Maki Sushi, which are the rolls (Lobster Rolls, California Rolls, and so on).
  • For instance, hamachi (yelowfin tuna) belly served nigiri style is taken to another level, with a yuzu soy marinated sea urchin pairing.