Sentence Examples

  • In the winter, combine that same nightgown (or a nightshirt in a shorter length with long sleeves) with nylon pants for a warm, cozy pajama set, perfect for wearing in front of the television while you sip hot chocolate before bed.
  • Some of their best options include the ultra-warm Irish flannel nightshirt, which dips down below the knees, and the 100 percent cotton Batiste Nightshirt, which is a little shorter than the average men's robe.
  • However, unless you live alone and you're in the middle of a blizzard, you should probably stay away from the Stewart Plaid Flannel Nightshirt if you're trying to prove that flannel pajamas can be almost sexy.
  • If you want to bring some excitement into a stale relationship or just feel glamorous for yourself, then ditch the cotton nightshirt and slip into something lacy, see through, naughty…or all of the above!
  • The Men's Cotton/Poly Open Back Nightshirt (pictured) is perfect for seniors and individuals with special needs, this nightshirt is designed to make getting ready for bed or lounging quick and easy.