Sentence Examples

  • They're sexy without being trashy, and can make even the shyest of ladies feel a bit more brazen without stepping too far outside of her comfort zone the way an open cup bra or other nightie could.
  • If, however, you're getting something for great-aunt Edna and you heard she's looking for a new nightie, you should probably just stick to the aforementioned flannel nightshirt and pants.
  • A Matching Set: Why stop at buying satin panties when you can take the leap into a satin bra, a satin nightie, or even a matching garter belt with thigh highs in a complementary color?
  • Unlike other pieces of lingerie, for example, a babydoll nightie, you don't need to be a certain size in order to look good in one; bustiers flatter just about every shape and size.
  • The top of the suit is built like a banded bikini top, and a curtain of fabric drapes down from the band to cover the torso in a flowing design reminiscent of a baby doll nightie.