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  • Most of these works in bronze were enriched with fine lines inlaid in silver, and in some cases with a kind of niello or enamel.
  • The Museo Civico is housed in the Palazzo Malaspina and contains many interesting national relics and a small picture gallery, with a large collection of offprints on paper from niello plates, including a very fine "Fountain of Love" by Antonio Pollainolo; another fine old palace, the Palazzo Mezzabarba, is now used as the Municipio.
  • In some cases it is very difficult to distinguish niello from black enamel.; but the black substance differs from true enamel in being metallic, not vitreous.
  • Our knowledge of the process and materials employed in niello-work is derived mainly from four writers,- Eraclius the Roman (a writer probably of the nth century), Theophilus the monk, who wrote in the 12th or 13th century,' and, in the 16th century, Benvenuto Cellini 2 and Giorgio Vasari.3 The design was cut with a sharp graving tool on the smooth surface of the metal, which was usually silver, but occasionally gold or even bronze.
  • When the powder had become thoroughly liquid, so as to fill all the lines, the plate was allowed to cool, and the whole surface was scraped, so as to remove the superfluous niello, leaving only what had sunk into and filled up the engraved pattern.

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