Sentence Examples

  • Of course this doubleheaded condition is the more primitive, and as such exists in most nidifugous birds, but in many of these, as well as in many nidicolous birds, either the caudal or the iliac head is absent, and in a very few (Cancroma, Dicholophus, Steatornis and some Cathartes) the whole muscle is absent.
  • Order Colymbiformes.-Plantigrade, nidifugous, aquatic. All toes webbed, fourth largest, hallux short; metatarsus laterally compressed; tibia with high, pyramidal crest.
  • Nidifugous, waders; with simple hypotarsus and without cervical apteria.
  • Order Tinamiformes.-Nidifugous, with incisura ischiadica, without pygostyle.
  • Nidifugous; vomer large; sternum without processus obliqui.