Sentence Examples

  • While you can buy kombucha mushroom tea in bag form, if you want the true taste of organic kombucha mushrooms, you should buy a brewing kit from a natural food store, naturopath or online from a reliable Web site.
  • Some natural healing systems, such as homeopathy, are regarded as generally safe, while others, such as some herbs, should be used only under the guidance of a skilled healer, herbalist, naturopath or physician.
  • The following list of herbs to provide immune system support should be reviewed by your physician, naturopath or an herbalist to ensure they do not interact with any medications or medical conditions.
  • Before embarking on a course of treatment using alternative remedies for cancer, make sure you find a good herbalist or naturopath you can work with, and include your oncologist in the conversation.
  • Homeopathic remedies are safe, but to ensure you are taking the proper remedy for your condition, it's wise to consult a naturopath or homeopathic practitioner.

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