Sentence Examples

  • Despite vigorous protests, Berisha reluctantly conceded defeat as the Socialists, led by Fatos Nano, won a convincing victory.
  • After downloading these music batch files -- "torrents" typically contain entire albums, discographies, or collections -- you can either burn the music on a CD or upload it to your favorite portable MP3 player (like the iPod nano).
  • The Nano does not come with much included in the box (just a dock adapter, USB cable and headphones), so you may need to invest in a protective case, armband, or other accessories -- these quickly add up and Apple knows it.
  • The best features of the iPod Nano are the large storage capacity and of course the "coolness" factor you get when carrying the most recognizable brand of portable music players in your pocket.
  • From the Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System to the emergence of nanomedical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, nano science is changing our world on a molecular level.