Sentence Examples

  • (b) Bivalvia (= Conchae): Mya, Solen, Tellina, Cardium, Mactra, Donax, Venus, Spondylus, Chama, Arca, Ostrea, Anomia, Mytilus, Pinna.
  • In the case of the pearl oyster this parasite is a cestode larva, but in the less valuable but no less genuine pearl produced by Mytilus, &c., the nucleus is a Trematode-larva (Jameson).
  • In Mytilus the foot is reduced to little more than a tubercle carrying the apertures of these glands.
  • II, A a portion of four filaments of a ctenidium of the sea-mussel (Mytilus) is represented, having precisely the same structure as those of Arca.
  • The filaments of the gill (ctenidium) of Mytilus and Arca thus form two closely set rows which depend from the axis of the gill like two parallel plates.