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A form of I, used: a) as an intensifier [I saw it myself; I myself saw it] b) as a reflexive [I hurt myself] c) with the meaning “my real, true, or normal self” [I am not myself today] (in this construction my functions as an adjective and self as a noun, and they may be separated) [my own sweet self] Now sometimes used as a subject or a nonreflexive object in certain contexts [he spoke to John and myself]

Webster's New World
That one identical with me.
American Heritage
My normal or healthy condition or state.
I'm feeling myself again.
American Heritage

(reflexive) Me, as direct or indirect object the speaker as the object of a verb or preposition, when the speaker is also the subject. [from 9th c.]

I taught myself.

Personally, for my part; used in apposition to I, sometimes for simple emphasis and sometimes with implicit exclusion of any others performing the activity described. [from 10th c.]

  • me myself
  • and I
  • myself
  • your humble servant
  • yours-truly
  • my own sweet self; me
  • personally
  • on my own responsibility
  • on my own authority
  • the writer
  • the author
  • the speaker
  • me personally
  • I personally
  • in my proper person

That being which is oneself.

I am not myself today.

Origin of Myself

  • Middle English mi-self from Old English mē selfum, mē selfne me me-1 in Indo-European roots selfum, selfne dative and accusative of self self self

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From me (pronoun) + self (pronoun). Later partly reinterpreted as my + self (noun).

    From Wiktionary

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