Sentence Examples

  • MW styles are the walking shoes, and rolling over the images on the New Balance site gives users a quick description on what the shoe is best used for.
  • Fossil watch lines are Fossil, Relic, Mobilewear, MW, MW Michele and Zodiac.
  • K, M, Mw, Ms, P, R2, ephyra grows in size it gradually takes on the form and structure of the young medusa.
  • (mu 2 +mv 2 +mw 2 + aie12 + x2022 + 2 E(m'u' 2 +%nY 2 +m'w' 2 +0101 2 +0202'+
  • Now if the atoms are regarded as points or spherical bodies oscillating about positions of equilibrium, the value of n+3 is precisely six, for we can express the energy of the atom in the form (9 2 v a 2 v a2v E = z(mu 2 +mv 2 +mw 2 +x 2 ax2 + y2ay2-fz2az2), where V is the potential and x, y, z are the displacements of the atom referred to a certain set of orthogonal axes.