Sentence Examples

  • When this is put to the mufti, the answer will be simply "Yes," and from this decision there is no appeal, so that the mufti is supreme judge in his own district.
  • The mufti or pronouncer of fatwas.
  • A fatwa is a decision according to Koran and Sunna, but without reasons, on an abstract case of law which is brought before the mufti by appeal from the cadi's judgment or by reference from the cadi himself.
  • The grand mufti of Constantinople is, as we have seen, nominated by the sultan, but his hold on the people makes him quite an independent power in the state; in Cairo he is not even nominated by the government, but each school of law chooses its own sheikh, who is also mufti, and the IIanifite is head mufti because his school is official in the Turkish Empire.
  • (For his legal system and its history see Mahommedan Law.) His life was one of extreme honour and dignity, but uneventful, being given to study, lecturing on law and acting as mufti and judge.