Mucopolysaccharidosis Definition

myo͞o kō-pŏl ē-săk ə-rĭ-dō sĭs
Any of several progressive genetic diseases characterized by the absence or nonfunctioning of enzymes that break down glycosaminoglycans (formerly called mucopolysaccharides), resulting in accumulation of gylcosaminoglycans in the tissues and dysfunction of multiple organ systems, especially the skeletal and nervous sytems. The types include MPS IH (Hurler syndrome), MPS IH/S (Hurler-Scheie syndrome), MPS IS (Scheie syndrome, formerly known as MPS V), MPS II (Hunter syndrome), MPS III (Sanfilippo syndrome), MPS IV (Morquio syndrome), MPS VI (Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome), and MPS VII (Sly syndrome).
American Heritage Medicine

Any of a group of metabolic disorders caused by the absence or malfunction of lysosomal enzymes needed to break down glycosaminoglycans.


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