Sentence Examples

  • Biolage also produces a number of other hair care products, including spritz, hair spray, mousse, curl-defining formulas, thermal protection formulas, and shine products to help hair look its best without heavy chemicals.
  • The recent advent of rich, whipped cosmetics means that everything from blush to eye color is now creamer than ever, and Flirt Cosmetics Eye Shadow Mousse is easily one of the most lush offerings out there.
  • Leave-in treatments, hair masks, shining and smothing serums, along with styling aids such as mousse, finishing spray, texturizer, and volumizing products are often among the hair care items a brand may offer.
  • Cream rinse, conditioner, hair spray, mousse, gel, mayonnaise, or vinegar should not be used before treatment or within one week after treatment since these products can reduce pediculicide effectiveness.
  • Prom is just one night, so it is possible to pull off a totally different style by using extra hair products like hair gel, mousse, and hair spray to keep unruly locks in place for the evening.