Sentence Examples

  • Thereafter Neipperg became her morganatic husband; and they had other children.
  • In 1824 he had contracted a morganatic marriage with the countess Auguste von Harrach, whom he created Princess von Liegnitz.
  • AUGUSTIN FERNANDEZ MUNOZ RIANSARES, DUKE OF (1808 or 1810-1873), morganatic husband of Maria Christina, queen and regent of Spain, was born at Tarancon, in the province of Cuenca, in New Castile.
  • In Germany "left-handed" or "morganatic" marriages were allowed by the Salic law between nobles and women of lower rank.
  • Some of these titles have been bestowed to give a recognized rank to the morganatic wives and children of royal princes, e.g., the princes of Battenberg, or the title of " princess " of Hohenberg borne by the consort of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand d'Este; others as a reward for distinguished service, e.g.