Sentence Examples

  • The montes, by which are understood plantations as well as native thickets, produce among other woods the algarrobo, a poor imitation of oak; the guayabo, a substitute for boxwood; the quebracho, of which the red kind is compared to sandalwood; and the urunday, black and white, not unlike rosewood.
  • Parakeets are plentiful in the montes, and the lagoons swarm with waterfowl.
  • From Montes Claros, in the valley of the Verde Grande River, and attracted large numbers of miners.
  • The district of the Trasos-Montes, north of the Douro, about the Tamega, Tua and Sabor, was so rugged that Wellington was convinced that Joseph would expect him to advance by the south of the river.
  • Its culminating point is in the Montes Pyreneos, near the city of Goyaz, and is about 4500 ft.