Sentence Examples

  • Myspace is especially popular with teenagers, and this in turn has caused some issues for the monstrously huge networking company.
  • It appears the the social perception of what constitutes "monstrously large" on a fearsome scale has changed quite a bit from the 1950s through today.
  • The father then hits the road and assaults various other targets before ending at E³ with, as Thompson said, a "monstrously delicious rampage".
  • To him the people of Italy owe a great debt, for if he failed in his object he at least materialized the idea of the Risorgimento in a practical shape, and the charges which the Republicans and demagogues brought against him were monstrously unjust.
  • After a monstrously unfair trial, he and two other "politicals" were condemned to death, and nineteen others to varying terms of imprisonment (February 1851).