Sentence Examples

  • It is to be noted that the climate of the islands of the Pacific becomes more and more healthy the farther they are from the monsoon region.
  • There are two seasons of rainfall over the province: the monsoon season, when supplies of moisture are brought up by the ocean winds from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal; and the winter season, when storms advancing eastwards from Persia and the Caspian districts occasion winds, widespread rain and snowfall.
  • The wet season, lasting during the prevalence of the south-west monsoon, from April to December, is clearly defined on the Pacific slope.
  • Tibet is affected by the south-west monsoon, just as the Pamirs are affected, but in varying degrees according to geographical position.
  • In the two years 1899 and 1900 the monsoon was very weak, the result being a severe famine which caused great mortality among the Bhil population.