Sentence Examples

  • A limitation to installing monorail designer track lighting is their low voltage and the need for a separate transformer in order to switch standard power into a low-voltage current.
  • This ability to follow contours makes monorail lighting a functional choice with a designer touch available in a number of attractive finishes and accent colors to compliment your decorative choices.
  • As the players purchase the properties, the owners can upgrade the properties by adding a monorail stop and station - not the typical houses and hotels as used in the classic Monopoly game.
  • A limited amount of wattage is carried through a length of a monorail, but more than one transformer can be installed to increase the power and allow a larger number of fixtures to be used.
  • Rather than a flat track that is secured to the ceiling with a light gripped inside it, a monorail system has a rail coming vertically off the ceiling with the lights suspended from it.