Sentence Examples

  • Rather than floor lamps, which have extension cords and can clutter a space, or chandeliers which can date a room, monorail lighting is clean and contemporary, as well as out of the way.
  • Which one works best for you depends on how much work you want to put into the job, how unique you want your system to be and how much you want to spend on your monorail light system.
  • A limited amount of wattage is carried through a length of a monorail, but more than one transformer can be installed to increase the power and allow a larger number of fixtures to be used.
  • Rather than a flat track that is secured to the ceiling with a light gripped inside it, a monorail system has a rail coming vertically off the ceiling with the lights suspended from it.
  • A limitation to installing monorail designer track lighting is their low voltage and the need for a separate transformer in order to switch standard power into a low-voltage current.