Sentence Examples

  • In addition to this, the further regularity has been observed that when the powerful monobasic acids are neutralized by the powerful monacid bases, the heat of neutralization is in all cases the same.
  • It is a monacid base; the hydrochloride, C 20 H 17 N0 4 HC1, is insoluble in cold alcohol, ether and chloroform, and soluble in 500 parts of water; the acid sulphate, C 20 H 17 N0 4 H 2 SO 4, dissolves in about loo parts of water.
  • They are strong bases and form stable monacid salts.
  • It has the properties of a monacid base and contains the methylamino group, NCH3.
  • Tt is a monacid base which is readily soluble in solutions of the cans' is alkalis.