Sentence Examples

  • She looked him in the eye, the smile momentarily gone.
  • It felt good to be off her feet, even if only momentarily and in such a manner.
  • The dogs were distracted momentarily by the sound of the telephone, but when it stopped ringing, they advanced further.
  • He seemed momentarily to approach the doctrinal position of the Baptists, but by his statement, "I will be baptized only into the primitive Christian faith," by his iconoclastic preaching and his editorial conduct of The 'Christian Baptist (1823-1830), and by the tone of his able debates with Paedobaptists, he soon incurred the disfavour of the Redstone Association of Baptist churches in western Pennsylvania, and in 1823 his followers transferred their membership to the Mahoning Association of Baptist churches in eastern Ohio, only to break absolutely with the Baptists in 1830.
  • His empty gaze shifted momentarily from the window to her face.