Sentence Examples

  • This led him to a culte du moi, of which the strangest result was an autobiography of crude invective, A Fool's Confession (1893), the printing of which in Swedish was forbidden.
  • But Lauzun tyrannized over his wife, and it is said that on one occasion he addressed her thus, "Louise d'Orleans, tire-moi mes bottes," and that she at once and finally separated from him.
  • Donnez moi un baiser.
  • " Vous faites," she said to her friend Honore de Balzac, " la comedic humaine; et moi, c'est l'eglogue humaine que j'ai voulu faire."
  • After vaguely looking at it a long time, "Il n'y a que moi qui pouvais concevoir la tete de Leonidas," he whispered, and died.