Sentence Examples

  • The size of the image is determined by the bandwidth connection speed you select - so a phone modem would get a 50k image, a cable modem 500k, and a T1 connection would get a whopping 1.5mb image.
  • Unfortunately, one of the biggest disappointments about the phones with Bluetooth is that the OS software doesn't recognize the phone as a wireless modem if you need it to be one.
  • Dialers direct your modem to connect to an 1-900 number, providing revenue to the hacker who wrote it, and sticking you with a large phone bill that can run hundreds of dollars.
  • A modem is a device that modulates a carrier signal, encoding and decoding digital data so you can read and use the data on your computer or in your data network.
  • Dial-up access has been replaced for the most part by DSL or cable modem connections which serves the needs of business owners because they allow opening of several Web site pages at the same time while performing phone conversations.