Sentence Examples

  • Greg is somewhat of a misfit and is not especially athletic or academically talented, and Kinney himself has said that Greg is not a great role model and does not have too many redeeming qualities.
  • The handsome Cary Elwes and the naturally stunning Robin Wright couple well and there is nothing more delightful than Wallace Shawn, Mandy Patinkin and Andre the Giant as the misfit trio.
  • Deidre Parkes of Hallmark shared with LoveToKnow Christmas the history of ornaments, their appeal, and what happens with "misfit ornaments."
  • With names like Peekaboo and Misfit, and prices that range from $120.00 to $172.00, many will be pleased with the selection.
  • Miller, remembered as a misfit, was a University of Minnesota student during the time he worked at the theater.