Sentence Examples

  • Ulster (Uladh) was one of the early provincial kingdoms of Ireland, formed, according to the legendary chronicles, at the Milesian conquest of the island ten centuries before Christ, and given to the descendants of Ir, one of the sons of Mileadh.
  • As Dionysius of Halicarnassus (Judicium de Thucydide, c. 23) distinctly states that the work current in his time under the name of Cadmus was a forgery, it is most probable that the two first are identical with the Phoenician Cadmus, who, as the reputed inventor of letters, was subsequently transformed into the Milesian and the author of an historical work.
  • In this connexion it should be observed that the old Milesian nobles traced their descent back to the Phoenician or one of his companions.
  • The town stands on the site of the ancient Milesian colony of Tyras.
  • The last three were colonies of Sinope, itself a Milesian colony.