Sentence Examples

  • On the inside you get an impressive line-up of high-tech hardware, including an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, a 2 MB L2 cache and 800 MHz front side bus, which is more than adequate even for the most avid gamer.
  • The other propriety CPU, the 26.6 Mhz "Jerry", contained a 32-bit RISC Digital Signal Processor, in addition to units responsible for 16-bit stereo sound, joystick control, wavelength synthesis, and other functions.
  • However, because Sega's development team created the Saturn with dual CPUs (Hitachi 28.6 Mhz SuperH-2 7604), along with 6 other processors, game makers found it difficult to harness all of this power.
  • Sony has picked the Nvidia RSX, a hot new graphics architecture, and will run it at 550 MHz, which Sony claims is more potent than a pair of GeForce 6800s working in unison.
  • Other technical specifications include a SH-4 206 MHz RISC CPU, PowerVR2 CLX2 graphics engine, 16MB of main RAM, 8MB of video RAM, and 2 MB of sound RAM.