Sentence Examples

  • Each of corrosive sublimate and carbolic acid in i gallon of methylated spirits.
  • In the United Kingdom this "denaturized" alcohol is known as methylated spirit as a distinction from pure alcohol or "spirits of wine."
  • This spirit ("unmineralized methylated spirit") consisted of 90 parts of alcohol of 60-66 over-proof (9 1 -95% of pure alcohol) and 0 parts of wood-naphtha.
  • By passing the vapour of this compound through a red-hot tube, it yields the isomeric a0- pyridylpyrrol, the potassium salt of which with methyl iodide gives a substance methylated both in the pyridine and pyrrol nuclei.
  • It was first enacted in 1855 that methylated spirit, a specific mixture of pure alcohol and wood naphtha, should be duty-free; the present law is to be found in the Customs and Inland Revenue Act of 1890, and the Finance Act (sect.