Sentence Examples

  • This plateau, however, is not a plain, but contains many buttes and mesas and isolated mountain ranges rising from 1000 to 8000 ft.
  • This vegetation, covering plains, mesas, and even extending up the sides of the mountains, gives the entire landscape the greyish or dull olive colour characteristic of the Great Basin.
  • Above the valleys; the latter and the flat tops of the mesas are sometimes covered with a scanty soil and a sparse growth of grass.
  • On the mesas alfalfa could be substituted for the native grasses and be used for stock when the pasturage of the lower plains is not available.
  • The herds of bison, antelope and elk that once roamed the prairies have vanished, but a few mountain sheep still graze on the grass-covered mesas in inaccessible portions of the Bad Lands.