Sentence Examples

  • Among the more notable of these halls are those of the Mercers, Drapers, Fishmongers, Clothworkers, Armourers and Stationers.
  • The Mercers' School, Dowgate, was originally attached to the hospital of St Thomas of Acon, which was sold to the Mercers' Company in 1522, on condition that the company should maintain the school.
  • One of the earliest of the religious houses to be suppressed was the hospital cf St Thomas of Acon (or Acre) on the north side of Cheapside, the site of which is now occupied by Mercers' Hall.
  • There were gilds of mercers, tailors,.
  • The total number of persons working in textile fabrics in 1901, exclusive of 21,849 drapers, mercers and other dealers, but including 43,040 employed in mixed or unspecified materials (hosiery, lace, carpets, rugs, fancy goods, &c., besides a large number of " undefined " factory hands and weavers), amounted to 174,547 persons.

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