Sentence Examples

  • C. Mercer, The Hill Caves of Yucatan (Philadelphia, 1896); Clarence B.
  • Under the direction of General Hugh Mercer some American troops reached Richmond on the morning of the 16th of October 1776, and in an engagement which immediately followed they were victorious; but, as they were retreating with their prisoners, British reinforcements arrived and in a second engagement at Fresh Kill (now Green Ridge) they were routed with considerable loss.
  • HARRODSBURG, a city and the county-seat of Mercer county, Kentucky, U.S.A., 32 m.
  • Of the Cuyahoga, the Tuscarawas, and an irregular line from Fort Laurens (Bolivar) in Tuscarawas county to Fort Recovery in Mercer county, practically the whole E.
  • ROBERT MERCER TALIAFERRO HUNTER (1809-1887), American statesman, was born in Essex (disambiguation)|Essex county, Virginia, on the 21st of April 1809.