Sentence Examples

  • Your doctor should give you a phone number to call if you notice severe cramping, fever, heavy bleeding that is more serious than a normal menstrual period, or a foul smelling discharge as these can all be signs of abortion complications.
  • Response to NSAIDs usually occurs within 30 to 60 minutes, but since individual response may vary, it is sometimes necessary to try different NSAIDs if the pain is not relieved with the first drug after one or two menstrual cycles.
  • Baths or soaks are an easy way to treat a variety of skin disorders involving large areas of the skin, injuries to or disorders of the muscles and joints, menstrual and menopausal discomfort, fatigue, or general stress and tension.
  • Each woman's body is different, and while some women may not begin their menstrual cycle until their babies are closer to being weaned, other women may begin experiencing periods even though they are nursing around the clock.
  • At first, you might think you're getting your period, but when the bleeding stops short of becoming a real menstrual period, it may be implantation bleeding.Implantation bleeding, or a complete lack of it, are both normal.